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    Duties:  Do intake, assessment of inmates and refugees, assessment of past medical histories.  Administer medications per protocol  Administer Covid-19 Vaccines daily for refugees/immigrants  Screening for Sign and symptoms of Covid-19, conducting flu test and Covid test for Symptomatic pts  Documenting the S/S in the system and alerting the medical team know of any positive cases  Assisting in Isolation rounding and quarantine rounds of both the symptomatic and Asymptomatic clients  Performing the rapid test for clients and reporting results  I do hands-on care, testing, and treatment of clients, interviewing, collecting medical histories, and assisting them in the follow-up care and maintaining a safety environment. I ensure the delivery of appropriate and timely health care to patients.  Respond to Emergencies situation at workplace  Ensure the implementation of physician’s orders; ensure that prescribed medications are administered as ordered using the formulary  Constantly assisting the physician in daily care of refugees/immigrants



     Under the supervision of the Supervising Registered Nurse (SRN) II/III, Correctional Facility (CF) and the clinical guidance of the Registered Nurse (RN), CF, Southern State Correctional facility SSCF, I provide a basic and technical level of general nursing care to patients in a variety of correctional health care settings.  I do hands-on care, testing, and treatment of inmates, interviewing inmates and assisting them in the follow-up care and maintaining a safety environment. I ensure the delivery of appropriate and timely health care to patients.  I provide technical patient care under valid authorization by a provider’s order and the delegation and clinical direction of the RN, CF, provides support to the care team for daily health care operations, and communicates effectively with patients and other members of the health care team. I address the ongoing needs of patients, working with the physicians and other health care providers, and promoting the efficient, appropriate, and cost- effective use of health care resources.  Constantly administer medications, injections of all kinds both control, and control medications to inmate in the AM, NOON and HS Shift. I answer sick calls and address their concern to the provider immediately.



     Duties and Responsibilities.  Conducts clinical practice care supporting our Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Family Nurse Practioners with treatment of patients  Ensures patient and provider needs are met, rooms are prepared, and the appointment lifecycle of patient care is performed flawlessly  Maintain metrics for quality measures for patient population  Conducts routine and advanced care for immunizations, phlebotomy, and procedures in a FQHC environment  Enters correct data into the electronic health record timely  Attends to patient communication for medication, testing, refills, lab work, orders, follow-up, etc., based on physician and advanced practitioner orders.  Focus on ethical and technical best practices for LVN and patient care considering high standards, always  Lakeview Terrace provides patient centered medical care  Maintains licensure and certification  Responsive to supervisory feedback, utilizing constructive criticism in a positive manner  Maintains open communication and observes chain of command  Works well with peers and other employees as a team player  Sensitive to customer service issues, displaying a positive attitude to patients, co-workers, and the organization as a whole  Models appropriate conduct. Observes the dress code for appearance and grooming standards  Must maintain strict confidentiality relating to Lakeview Terrace Skilled Nursing Facility personnel, patients, and information which could result in proprietary damage to NRHC  Maintains HIPAA compliance, always  Adheres to office policies  Performs other duties as assigned, demonstrating flexibility and willingness to do extra work as needed

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    Duties:  Assisting the RN Quarantine rounding,  Constant medication administration, control meds, etc  Telemedicine with Doctors and Providers.  Screening for Sign and symptoms of Covid-19  Documenting the S/S in the system and alerting the medical team know of any positive cases  Assisting the RN in Isolation rounding,  Assisting the Vaccination of Covid-19 Pts,  Preparing swaps and administering Vaccines per the SRNII instructions and checking orders prior to testing,  Assisting in the TTA (emergency) in collecting v/s,  Responding the SRNII and Nurses.  Performing the rapid test for inmates when I see any s/s of covid-19 and letting the SRNII put in the order

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    Best Nurse of the Month of February, March and April 2022 In Southern State Correctional Facility

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